About the site


This is my personal website. I use it to blog about stuff I want to share and where I can talk about my interests and projects. It’s also my playground where I will test out the latest in web technologies and other fun (for me) design and development stuff.

I have had an issue with the idea of large social networks and how they do business. I understand they need to make a buck, but on these big social sites, you and I are the product and advertisers are the actual customers. The big social sites own whatever you share and can use it however they wish. They mine everything you do and then use that data they gather to sell advertising space to other people and businesses. I decided to start this site so that I can still share the stuff I want with the people who may want to see it—but I maintain ownership and control—not some big company.

About Matt


I was born and raised on Long Island, New York where I lived until my early thirties and earned my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology. I moved to Fort Myers, Florida for a short while, and finally ended up settling in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008.

I’m into electric bicycles and the outdoors. I commute to work almost every day on my eBike. I design and build my own eBikes, though I have owned one factory-built eBike for a short time (building your own is better). I enjoy web development, programming in Python & PHP, Data Analysis and Data Visualization, photography, graphic design, 3D modeling & CAD/CAM design. My computer of choice is a Mac—though I dabble in Linux too, text editor is Vim, favorite editor font (for now) is Source Code Pro.

My favorite pastime, though, has to be spending time at the beach and swimming. There’s nothing more relaxing than laying in the sand under the shadow of a palm tree, listening to the gulls and the sound of waves upon the shore—preferably with a cool cocktail in hand ;).

Credit where it’s due

Here’s how I built this site and the resources that inspired and instructed me in growing as a web developer. Since all good creations start with a foundation, that’s where I’ll start too.

The foundation

This site is built using a static site generator called Jekyll, and is hosted on GitHub Pages.

The style

This site currently uses a lightly modified version of the Jekyll theme Minimal Mistakes by the excellent designer Michael Rose. The theme is so good out of the box, that all I really had to do was modify the masthead at the top of the pages to include my Mattir™ logo.