Visiting Hummingbirds

My wife Becca and I have been enjoying our back porch more now that we have neat little hummingbirds coming by and visiting. Becca had put out a hummingbird feeder, and boy has it been a success. Actually it’s been almost too good as we have a lot of birds coming by, and apparently hummingbirds are territorial and don’t like to share the feeder. So we get to watch epic hummingbird chases on an almost daily basis. They may only be as big at your thumb, but these little birds have some moxie!

Still they are very pretty birds, and it’s cool having them come and visit during the summer. Here are some more pics I’ve snapped of them.

hummingbird 1 hummingbird 2 hummingbird 3 hummingbird 4
Hummingbirds in June at our feeder