The Big Re-Do v.2


So one month after first publishing Mattir, I decided I wasn’t happy with the front-end design. At the time I was still learning my way around the system that runs the site (the CMS) and grasping the code-style and technique got in the way of me coming up with and implementing some of the more interesting UI that I wanted to use in the various areas of the site.

Well, I got to know the CMS much better and learned some really cool techniques to get everything working the way I wanted, so I decided to go for broke and do a full makeover. The end result is what you see in the screenshot above. My crowning achievements were the “Career” page and the “Projects” page. Both areas of the site are fully powered by the CMS so I can easily change and add content to these areas just as easily as I’d write a new blog post, but their functionality is totally different from how the blog on this site works.

I’ve been testing everything out and as far as I’ve been able to tell this site should work great on any desktop browser newer than IE8, as well as smartphones and tablets. Every area of the site is responsive and the more advanced areas like projects and career change their layout pretty drastically depending on how you’re accessing the site. If you come across any issues, please let me know in a comment below, or from the contact page if you’d prefer email. I will try to address any issues as quickly as I can. I also love feedback, so if you just want to drop a constructive word or two, I’d value your input.

Now that everything is going, I’ll be blogging regularly (look for photos, videos, and galleries coming soon), and further fleshing-out the content in the other areas of the site.

Thanks for dropping by!